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Hey Guys! I found this image of a B-boy and thought it was so so so cool. It takes so much strength to do what this guy is doing and you can see everybody around hims reaction. I’m going to upload a video of my favourite dance crew and their amazing break-dancing talents very, very soon! So stay tuned to see some of the most amazing tricks and tumbles!

Let me know if you are a fan of break-dancing? Thanks guys!Image


I needed to upload a tap video, as it is such a favourite of mine. I didn’t know whether to upload one of my favourite old-school tap routines or a really modern one and decided to go with a video of an eight-year-old girl! Her name is Sophia Lucia and she is only eight years old and one of the most amazing tappers I have ever seen.
Her beats are unbelievably clear and her performance skills are way above her age group! She is so enjoyable to watch. Please watch this little girl and let me know if you agree with me or if you have any other great and amazing videos to share with me!


Sorry, but I just had to post another one of Jasmine Meakin’s dances as she is amazing! The choreography in this video is so fierce and strong yet feminine and pretty… LOVE IT! And the fact that it is performed to one of my favourite songs at the moment (Countdownt by Beyonce) just adds to my excitement. PLease let me know what you all think of this video!


Tap is a style of dance that uses the dancer’s feet as an instrument. Wearing tap shoes with metal on the balls and heels of one’s foot, which is hit, stomped and brushed against the floor to make different sounds. Because of this, Tap is often considered a type of music and many dance teachers (especially Tap teachers) have always recommended a dancer taking music lessons as it assists with hearing and counting music for dancing. 

There are two types of Tap dancing: rhythm (Jazz) tap and Broadway tap. Broadway tap focuses more on the dance; it is widely performed as a part of musical theater. Rhythm tap focuses more on musicality. 

When Tap is performed correctly it is one of the most enjoyable dance styles to watch, listening to the beats that a performer is making with their own feet whilst in time with the music and performing the dance, it takes a very talented dancer. 






For any of you who are ‘Dance Mom’ fans (like me) here is one of my favourite videos of the very talented Maddy Ziegler! This lyrical dance blows me away every time I watch it. For her age it amazes me the control, technique and performance style she possesses.

Her kicks make my draw drop each time, so look out for them (especially her fan kick!). Let me know if you like the video and if you are a ‘Dance Moms’ enthusiast, let me know, who is your favourite dancer or mom?


Flexibility is a main key in being a great dancer, however if you do not have it DON’T STRESS! It is a great skill to have but it doesn’t mean you are not a good dancer without it. Flexibility is one of the base skills and foundations a child is taught from a young age in dance class as it can make dance class, dances, performances, jumps, turns and technique better and more pleasing to watch. 

If you’re not someone born with amazing flexibility do not stress (neither am I) it is something that can be worked on and perfected over time, with stretching and training. However, I still am so jealous when I see people (like the girl in this image) able to move their body like this!Image


As I promised, here is my absolute FAVOURITE Fosse routine: Rich Man’s Frug. So much energy, excitement and acting in this performance and it clearly shows the style of Fosse and his amazing talents. I hope you all enjoy it as much as I do!


ImageJazz has become of the most popular styles of dance from it’s popularity in TV shows, movies and music videos. Jazz is a very energetic and strong style of dance for both males and females. Most musicals use jazz for most of their routines, therefore Jazz as a style receives a lot of exposure.

Leaps, jumps and turns are main steps in Jazz dancing (whether you are doing Musical Theatre Jazz or Modern Jazz). Some of these leaps and turns are referred to as:

  • Jetes
  • Grande Jetes
  •  Turning jumps
  •  Tour Jetes

Jazz has many different styles, characters and costumes. Unlike Ballet and Hip Hop, Jazz can be made up from any inspiration, using any music and any costume. It is a style of dance with very little rules on what you can and cannot do. Jazz is a style that really allows people to express themselves and perform the pieces in their own way using their own styles and personalities.

Flexibility is a large part of Jazz, however many great dancers were fantastic at jazz without great flexibility or technique. This is true because even though a lot of kicks, leaps and jumps are heavily used in Jazz, Jazz does not have any rules that you have to use them in a piece for it to be called Jazz.

One of the world’s greatest choreographers “Bob Fosse” had very bad technique and flexibility so he made his own style and take on Jazz dancing to suit his body and movement. Some of his pieces are still on stage to this day and his work has inspired many other pieces and choreographers. This is one of the reasons why I enjoy Jazz so much. As a dancer who does not have the best technique it’s the best feeling when you are in a class and can just dance freely without the stress that your leg does not go as high as the person next to you.

I’ll upload one of my favourite “Fosse” dances, so let me know what you think about his style!!



Costumes have to be one of the most exciting parts of any performance or concert. Seriously, who doesn’t love playing dress ups? Especially when the costumes can be as beautiful as this image. Ballet costumes are the most elegant and angelic costumes out of all styles of dance. This costume is one of my all time favourite, it is so pretty and perfect with the white skirt and beads…. GORGEOUS! Let me know if you agree!